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At the Mercy of the Sea

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Etienne's journey continues and Abraham's begins.


Etienne Gayneau takes to the sea again to earn the money to pay off his families enduntureship, only to once more find himself aboard a pirate ship sailing into unknown danger. He will be forced to make difficult choices, while leaving behind his Native American friend, Alsoomse, and his newest friend, Abraham Dayton, a boy of mixed ethnicity, to overcome peronal challenges, grief and loss.


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Thrown to the Wind proves an apt title, capturing the refugee’s plight: upheaval and uncertainty, exhaustion and anxiety, trepidation and hopefulness. Cetas’s debut also details the era’s arduous shipboard travel: instead of feeling unmoored, Etienne quickly finds his sea legs and gains confidence as a cabin boy who can cope with precarious situations. (Thrown to the Wind)

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The author’s historical research is admirably rigorous in her meticulous presentation of the inflammatory hostility that existed between settlers and Native peoples in the mid-17th century. (A Home in the Wilderness)

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An inspirational and vividly unique story of loss, self-discovery, and redemption. Very entertaining - 5 stars. 

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Amanda Cetas has pulled together an excellent story, here: one that is sparkling with adventure and excitement, and rich with historical  details. Etienne is an  excellent hero.... And for anyone looking for a middle grade/YA novel that brings history to life, I would highly recommend Etienne's story, as well.

Theoden Humphrey, English Teacher and Author


Amanda M. Cetas


I write historial fiction and middle grade, teen & young adult historical action adventure stories.


Middle Grade & Teen Series
A Country for Castoffs

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