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History, like life, is never simple, clear-cut, or black-and-white; it is complex and messy, which is why it makes for a good story.


A Country for Castoffs Series

Great for Middle Grade, YA, and history lovers of all ages!

This series takes place during the period of early North American colonization in the 17th century. It is told from multiple perspectives with the goal of understanding the complex events that greatly impacted the lives of those arriving in North America, as well as the lives of those already here. I have attempted to show this history through the eyes of those who lived it, as they would have experienced it, so that we can gain a better appreciation for our ancestors, their struggles, their failures, and their victories.

Teachers and Home School Parents check out the Teacher's Resource for discussion questions, cross-curricular lessons, and enrichment activities.

Two Marias: A Story of Survival

A Novel of Tragedy, Survival, Love, and Hope

The story of Maria Nikolaevna Romanova and Novice Maria Krokhaleva of Novo-Tikhovinsky and collision with the Russian Revolution. Both women were colistered behind palace or convent walls, until being propelled into the midst of the Bolsevik civil war where they had to find the courage to do what was necessary.

Writing in progress

The Milk Man and the Washer Woman

A generational love story spanning two continents!

It was love at first sight when Fredrick Citas met Matilda Wlodowski during his morning milk run. Little did he know it would be a few more years  and a continent  away where he would meet his dark-haired beauty again. 

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