History, like life, is never simple, clear-cut, or black-and-white; it is complex and messy, which is why it makes for a good story.

"It would have to be now or never. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and jumped!"

Thrown to the Wind

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Based on true events, this story traces one boy’s journey from France to America in 1660 as he finds the courage to save himself and those he loves.


Etienne Gayneau doesn’t understand why the Catholics and Protestants in France can’t get along, only that it means he’s not allowed to see his cousin and best friend, Nicolas, and why he’ll never be a musketeer. But when a bounty is placed on his father’s head for being a heretic, he must choose to flee with his family, or to run away and hide out with his Catholic cousin.


Etienne must give up everything he has ever known as he faces many dangers along his journey. Along the way, Etienne will befriend a beautiful Dutch girl with a dangerous father, confront his guilt over the death of his brother, and face off against injury, illness, and death. Will Etienne choose to fulfill his family’s expectations, or will he plot the course for his own destiny?

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A Home in the Wilderness

Coming early Spring 2021!

Based on true events, this story continues Etienne’s story in America in 1663 as he must chart his course through a dangerous New World.


The story of Etienne Gayneau continues in A Home in the Wilderness, the second book in the series, A Country for Castoffs, as he develops new friends and faces new dangers both at home on Manhattan and on the high seas.

Etienne must try to avert a war between the colonists on Manhattan and the indigenous tribe of his best friends. Then, as young seaman, he will have to find a way to escape from old enemies, survive natural and man-made disasters, return home, and help save the home of a new friend.



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