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Included in this resource and tied to National ELA & Social Studies Standards:

  • Ready-made bell ringers

  • Engaging small group activities

  • Critical thinking discussion questions

  • Cross-curricular projects and simulations

  • Primary & secondary source comparisons

  • Essay prompts & quick writes

  • Grading rubrics

Teacher's Resource
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Since the dawn of time, tribal and community elders, religious leaders, philosophers, parents, and teachers have been instructing the next generation through stories. Stories help us to identify more with the content and see its value. Stories make learning fun. Anyone who has ever worked with children and youth knows this to be true. 

“Story is what makes us human … Recent break-throughs in neuroscience reveal that our brain is hardwired to respond to story … we’re wired to turn to story to teach us the way of the world.”

Lisa Cron, Wired for Story


I have partnered with Adriana R. King to create  a resource guide for teachers. This project will include the relevant history that is the backdrop for this story, in addition to pertinent vocabulary, discussion questions, writing prompts, cross-curricular activities, and projects  related to the events and experiences detailed in the story.  

Adriana studied at Oxford University and then graduated from The King's College in New York with her degree in Culture, Media and the Arts. She has taught English Language Arts classes to middle grade and high school students for three years and brings her  expertise and love of literature to this project.  She is currently the Head Literary Expert, Story Consultant, and Book Doctor at Fantastic Literary Services.

Our goal is to enable teachers to facilitate discussions and learning that integrates our love of history and literary structure with a deeper understanding of the societies, economies, knowledge, and technologies that the characters in this story understood and experienced.  

If anyone is interested, I have included a bibliography of the sources I used in researching this story here.

Let the journey begin.

Annotated Bibliography
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