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Happy Independence Day!

July is a buy month! This past week I celebrated the Fourth with my extended family along with my parents 60th Wedding Anniversary. We had around thirty people in Portland to celebrate with us. We had a wonderful time! We chartered the Portland Spirit for a dinner cruise and then were able to stay on board to listen to the Jazz Festival and watch the fireworks display. It was such a blessing that we could all gather for this meaningful event. And what a legacy my parents have left with three children, nine grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren, and dozens more people they have influenced over the years!

Amazon Prime Day is July 11th and 12th (I don’t know why they call it a “day” when it is really two!) and there will be tons of books available for $0.99. I have decided to participate in it this year too, so … drumroll please … the Kindle versions of Thrown to the Wind and A Home in the Wilderness will be on sale worldwide for $0.99 each for these two days only. Tell your friends and family!

Ever since my first book was published, I have been receiving requests for an audiobook version of Thrown to the Wind. At long last, I am pleased to announce that it is in the works. I have contracted with Daniel Kay to do the voice narration. I was very impressed with his audition. He lives in Montreal and his French and Dutch accents are very good. He did a great job differentiating the various character voices and I am excited to hear the final results! The audiobook will hopefully be released before the holiday season.

At right is the cover reveal for At the Mercy of the Sea. I would love to know what you think about it. It is still possible it could go through a few more minor tweaks.

In book three, Etienne takes to the sea again in a new venture to earn the money his family needs to repay their debts, while his new friends, Alsoomse and Abraham, each embark on new enterprises of their own that promise to solve all their problems. The lure of adventure quickly turns sour as Etienne and Abraham are launched into a struggle to survive that will ultimately force them to reevaluate everything they once believed.

Don’t forget to sign-up as a member on my website to pick up your copy of the freebies I am offering my readers there. You can find them on the “Free Stuff” page of my website at or just click here.

I am looking forward to attending the Arizona Families for Home Education Conference in Phoenix again this year on July 14th and 15th. If you are interested, you can visit their website to register at

Take care and I’ll connect with you again next month!

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