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Loving the Cooling Weather

I am back in Tucson and loving the cooling weather! Mornings are getting cool enough for neighborhood walks with my sister. My husband and I have even been able to walk our two little dogs, Roger and Millie, in the evenings. Millie is just over two years old, and she was so excited, joyfully leading the way with a prancing gait. Roger was also happy to go for a walk, but by the end he was huffing and puffing, but then he is 14 years old and hasn’t been for a walk all summer. Time for all of us to get back into shape!

I received my developmental edits back from my editor this week a whole month early! Hopefully, that bodes well. I did read through the cover letter comments a couple of times and it doesn’t look too scary. Apparently, I am still having trouble with commas, but then who doesn’t? Maybe my English teacher friends can get it down correctly every time … well, it’s a process. And then there are those sneaky passive verbs and adverbs … but that is why editors are still important! I am grateful to all my editors for forcing me to clean up my writing and to make it better.

In addition to starting the edits for At the Mercy of the Sea this week, I am also trying to finish up my short story prequel about Etienne’s parents. That is moving along well. I’ve had to put my other projects on hold at least until I get some momentum going on the third book in Etienne’s series. I know you are all waiting patiently for it to come out, so I am moving that to the top of my priority list. If any of you would like to be BETA readers and get early access to it, in exchange for your honest feedback and a review, let me know by replying to this email. I’d be happy to get you an early release copy of the eBook.

Looking for new books to read with your children or grandchildren?

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Finally, I am thinking of sending out my newsletters on Thursdays, instead of Fridays, since many of you may be wanting to get into the weekends faster. Let me know if you have an opinion on that one way or the other.

No matter where your journey takes you, may you always enjoy the adventure!

If you have any comments/questions for me, or book recommendations you would like me to share, please simply reply to this email. I would love to hear from you!

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