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Starting a New Writing Project!

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

The desert is still hot, but we’ve received some rain in the evening off and on for the past week. It does raise the humidity, but the water is much needed. Everything looks so dry. It always amazes me how the weather can be so sunny without a cloud in the sky all day and then within minutes, heavy clouds roll in with high winds, thunder and lighting. It may downpour for an hour and then suddenly it is all gone! Or I especially enjoy seeing it rain in part of my yard while the sun is shining in another corner!

The Audible version of Thrown to the Wind is nearly finished and should be releasing before Christmas!

While I wait for my editor to get my third book marked up, I have been working on a story about what happened to the last royal Romanov family. I have always enjoyed Russian history, especially the Imperial period and have had an obsessive interest in the demise of the Romanovs.

This story will be for an older YA audience and will include some mysteries to uncover and soft romance spanning a dual timeline. I’ve been wanting to write this story for a long time and am both excited and a bit nervous. It reminds me of what it felt like as a kid to wait for Christmas all year and then on the night before going to bed, hoping that the next morning will be everything you’ve been hoping for.

Still, it has been fun to take a break from Etienne and his story, but rest assured that I will not forget about him. I have outlined book four and will return to writing that book again directly.

In the next few newsletters, I will get back to sharing some of the historical information I researched for book three, specifically the Pequot War and the ministry of John Elliot, so stay tuned for those upcoming issues.

I am also considering producing some short video lessons to accompany my books which will cover historical background/context, interesting discoveries, musings, and explanations of cultural or timeline obscurities. I hope these will be useful to book discussion clubs, homeschool families, or anyone else interested in history.

Let me know if this would interest you, and if there are subjects of particular interest you would like me to address first.

Take care and I’ll connect with you again next month!

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